How to Replace Wing Mirror Glass: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wing mirror glass plays an essential part in a vehicle and allows drivers to properly observe the cars behind them while driving. Unfortunately, due to its electrical wiring and complexity of mechanical parts, wing mirror glass can get broken or damaged as a result of normal wear-and-tear, collisions, or even extreme weather conditions.

Replacing a car's wing mirror glass does not require an extensive knowledge of mechanics and can be accomplished by the everyday driver. To get you back on the road swiftly, this guide will walk you through every step involved in replacing your vehicle's wing mirror glass.

Materials Needed

Before commencing the wing mirror glass replacement procedure, make sure to acquire the following supplies:

Step 1: Remove the Old Wing Mirror Glass

To successfully replace the wing mirror glass, start by taking out the old one. Generally speaking, these screws are located at the back of your mirror and can be effortlessly removed using a flat or Phillips head screwdriver. Carefully unscrew them in order to avoid damaging both the screws and nearby areas.

Step 2: Disconnect the Electrical Wiring

Now it's time to carefully separate the electrical wiring attached to your wing mirror. This can be done by simply tugging and pulling on the cords until they're detached from the reflector. Make sure you remember which wires go where, so that when you need to reconnect them, there won't be any confusion or mix-ups!

Step 3: Remove the Mirror from the Door

After you unplug the screws and electrical wiring, delicately tug on the mirror and lift it out of its frame. With that said, take extra care not to damage either your door or nearby environment while removing it.

Step 4: Install the New Wing Mirror Glass

Once the existing wing mirror glass has been detached, you can insert the new glass into place with ease. Simply align the fresh piece correctly and press it firmly to secure its spot in your car's mirror. To ensure that everything is stable, double-check that everything has been placed appropriately before moving on.

Step 5: Reconnect the Electrical Wiring

To finish the wing mirror installation, reconnect the electrical wiring correctly and reinforce with electrical tape. Doing this will ensure that your new glass is secure in place and ready to use.

Step 6: Reinstall the Mirror

With the electrical wiring ready to go, it's time to reposition your mirror. Cautiously place the mirror back into its original spot and make sure you fasten each screw tightly so that your mirror will remain securely in place at all times - no need for any unexpected surprises!

Step 7: Seal the Mirror

It is necessary to seal the new wing mirror glass in place for optimal performance. To achieve a secure bond, simply apply silicone sealant around the edges of the mirror and wait at least 24 hours before using your vehicle. This simple step will ensure that you experience long-lasting protection from any potential damage or wear and tear!


Changing your wing mirror glass is an uncomplicated procedure that can be carried out by almost any car owner. By following the instructions in this manual, you will soon finish installing a new piece of glass to get right back on the road! Before beginning, make sure you have all supplies at hand and secure your replacement into place for peak efficiency. All the best with your endeavors!

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